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our furry friends are always here for us. sometimes you are disgruntled enough that you need a heavy dose of cuteness. is for just such a time. endless cute animals. keep clicking until the dis drops off your gruntle. fixing disgruntled humans with cute gruntled animals since 2010.

a solid 70% of my job is spent googling things. turns out, the stuff that breaks your server breaks other people's servers too, and a lot of the fixes for these broken servers are documented in technical documentation, forums, experts-exchange, mailing lists, usenet articles, knowledgebase entries... and admin blogs. i'm getting a little tired of constantly hitting google for common fixes to things i see every day, so whenever i find myself repeating a task, i assume other people have to repeat it, too, and i document the process on my tales from adminland blog. any comments, questions, or suggestions, just ask!